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I am January! Wife, mother, meemaw, pastor, and mental health provider who makes it through the day with my coffee, my journal, and my God; and I am also on some days a hot mess. A simple human, navigating life through the messy and sometimes chaotic.

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About Me

This is the Straight Up Messy Truth. The truth most people will not tell you. Are too afraid too tell you. Not vulnerable enough to share, or just do not know how.

Here is where I share all about faith in God in the messy middle of life!

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Beautiful You

Finding Your Beauty in Christ

In her debut book, through 30 days of inspirational devotionals, January challenges the ways in which the world distorts what is beautiful, makes it impossible to attain, and reveals to readers the truth of real beauty and where it comes from: God. In each devotional, readers will explore the spiritual aspects of what makes a person “beautiful,” deconstructing the myths that beauty is only skin deep.