Praying for Our Monsters

“If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:22


“Please God. Make the monsters go away, and help me stay asleep tonight.” 

This is the prayer I help my youngest child recite as I tuck him into bed. Our small, quirky child often has trouble sleeping, and as well meaning, and sleep deprived parents, we have tried different forms of “magic” to assist our son in sleeping through the night-“special” stuffed animals, night lights, “fighting” the monsters that supposedly live in the closet, and giving in and getting under the covers with him. Most nights, desperate for sleep, we also prayed.

“Please God. Make the monsters go away, and help me stay asleep tonight,” I say as I Ieave his room for probably what will be the first time tonight, and as I say to my believing child-“We asked, Hunter. And he will make it happen!”

But…when we pray to Him, do we always believe it will come to pass? Do we truly believe God will answer all of our prayers?

“Seek first the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33

How many times have I sought counsel other than God’s? I seek answers from friends, from social media, from the internet. I look for the cure for my pain in the vitamin aisle at the grocery store, and I search for relief from my monsters in all the “cures” and “magic” the world offers. What would happen if I, like a small child, simply asked God to take my monsters away? And, what if I actually believed he would?

It is through the humble faith of a small child, that I see just how much I truly doubt God has all the answers to my prayers. Disbelief is often what stands in the way of His granting of our requests, and since we often don’t “ask in faith, without doubting” as instructed in James 1:6, many of our prayers often go unanswered.

When the same scared little boy we put to sleep the night before wakes up the following day, and tells me that God really did make the monsters go away, he reminds me yet again, to believe that God will answer all my prayers too, that He will meet all of my needs, if I truly believe it!

So, believe it. Believe God will answer your prayers. Believe God will assist you in your finances, lessen your pain, grant your smallest wish, and make the monsters go away. 

Go ahead. Ask Him-“Please God…” And then believe that he will.

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