What If We Were Real?


We keep trying to make it look so nice, and we keep hiding what’s going on inside. But, what if I share my brokenness? What if you share how you feel? And, what if we weren’t afraid of this crazy mess? What if we were real?

These are some of the lyrics to a Mandisa song that I have come to love, one that expresses just how I feel when it comes to doing something that can be so hard for many people-being honest and vulnerable. Too often we put on masks and carry around our burdens, hiding ourselves and our struggles from the outside world. We don’t want people to know that we think we are lousy mother’s, that we don’t have it all together, or that some days we just want to throw in the towel, find the nearest and tallest mountain, and let out one huge scream!

Well, I’m tired of saying everything I feel like I am supposed to say. I’m tired of smiling all the time. I wanna throw the mask away. Sometimes you just have a bad day. Sometimes you just wanna scream. Tell me I’m not the only one. Tell me you feel just like me.

This weekend 19 ladies from our church spent a glorious and much overdue weekend away in Nagshead, North Carolina. We packed all of our necessities for the weekend. We brought along our chairs, blankets, hair dryers, and we also brought along a heavy set of burdens. Burdens that we had carried for weeks, months, even years. We brought them along with us, hoping to not have to unpack them. Hoping they would stay hidden at the bottom of the suitcase, and never be seen.

What if we were real?

God uses all kinds of people to bless the lives of those around them, and to do His work, and this weekend was no exception. Burdens we thought only we carried, those we packed, and wanted to remain hidden, were finally dropped from each woman’s shoulders, and not only given to God, but used to touch each woman in a mighty way. God’s longing to finally make these strong women just a little more vulnerable revealed that none of us have it all together, that most of us think we are lousy mothers, and we all want to find the closest, tallest mountain top and scream!

What if we were real?

We’d think a little less of ourselves. We’d care about someone else, ’cause we’d know just how they feel. Maybe we could let someone love us. Maybe we could be a little more like Jesus.

We all packed suitcases and bags on Sunday to return home. We packed our beach chairs, our hair dryers, and our blankets, but we left a little lighter than before. We left even stronger. We left full of love for each other and our differences. For each struggle. For each burden. We left a little more real!

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    Very nicely written with honesty and transparency.

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