Finding Blessing in the Inconvenient Moments of Life

 This is how my Monday ended…stuck in traffic on a two lane road on the way home from work. Stuck here for about 45 long minutes. For those that know me well, I can be impatient at times, have a tad bit of road rage, and come slightly undone over slight inconveniences. So, after working a longer day than usual, I was slowly starting to come undone. Dinner was already late, and now due to traffic it would be even later. I had a relative sitting at home with my children, and now I was sitting here-waiting and waiting, and complaining.

Do everything without complaining or arguing. Philippians 2:14

I wanted to complain. I was tense, wound up, and ready to explode.

Until I heard God say: January, what about that ambulance that just passed you? What about that accident you were able to avoid? Do you think those involved are worried about dinner being late?

But, I wanted to complain. When my husband called while I was sitting in traffic, I wanted to give him a list of all the reasons I was inconvenienced. I wanted to tell every social media source just how tense, wound up, and ready to explode I was. But, God’s still small voice told me to check myself, and reminded me that a late dinner is a minor inconvenience of every day life.

Be joyful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.                                                                               1 Thessalonians 5:18

I seem to be the queen of inconvenient moments, too. When I am running late, I get behind every bus and dump truck on the way to my destination. When I have 10 things I need to do when I get home from work, I get stuck in traffic, get side-tracked by another childhood fight, or the dog decides to chew on another toy, or destroy another object adding one more thing to my to-do list.

And in these moments, I admit it-I complain! Instead of thanking God for making me late to my appointment or lunch date, because it means I avoided being involved in an accident, I complain. Instead of thanking God I have a home to go to, and food to put on the table, I complain. Instead of thanking God for blessing me with children who are strong-willed and won’t back down, I complain they argue too much.

We all do this. We all complain. It is human nature, but I don’t want to complain about every inconvenient moment in my life. I also don’t want my social media friends to be the first people I tell about my horrible day. I want to be able to stop what I am doing, look up, and thank God for all the chaos and inconvenience that he allows in my life. Sure, it is frustrating, but these moments can be moments spent with Him, moments that He uses to fulfill a greater purpose, and moments spent thanking Him for all I do have, instead of complaining about the inconvenient moments of my day. It’s time to realize these moments are reminders that I am alive. I am blessed, and although everything may be going wrong, I have a much bigger God who will see me through all these small things!

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