Broken Down at Wits End

The Lord rescues the godly, he is their fortress in times of trouble. Psalm 37:39

It has been yet another snow day. Another day when the kids have been out of school. Our old dog has managed to not make it outside twice to use the bathroom. Two cups of milk have been spilled on the floor. I have broken up more than a dozen fights. Walked over the same mess I know that I have cleaned up 3 times already. My daughter has refused to do her homework, and my youngest son is now looking for what I know is his tenth snack. I have wiped butts, snot, and faces. And I have not sat down once. The kitchen is in shambles. There are Pringles on the floor. I’ve got a mountain of homework, and did I mention I only sat down once?

I’ve got nothing left. I am at my end. My wits end.

Add to this the need to make a personal health decision soon, a disturbing phone call about my teen who is struggling in his mind and heart, and the decision to put the old dog I mentioned above to sleep.

Yes, I’ve got nothing left. I’m numb. I’m empty. I’m weary and worn.

God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1

Goodness knows I need Him now. I need His refuge, but in all the craziness and chaos of the past few days, I haven’t looked for Him once!

I have a reminder of His strength tattooed permanently on my arm, but I haven’t asked for His strength yet!

I’m at my end. Broken down at my wits end. And I need Him now.

I have been challenged and reminded several times in several different ways this week about the need to find my personal quiet time with God. I admit it. I have struggled to find that time in my hectic days, between the to-dos and have-to-be-dones. But, honestly-I can’t find 10 more minutes each day to stop and talk to God? My number one priority? My Savior? I can’t find 10 minutes to be with Him, but I have 10 minutes to check Facebook, watch a TV show, browse Pinterest, or read a magazine? If I can do all these things that mean so little, and sometimes are not at all beneficial to what has already been a stressful day, then I certainly have time for God.

One day this week, I simply stopped and decided to worship God for ten minutes. In doing so, I heard a new song by Mandisa, and was brought to tears. In that song I heard the words for everything I had been going through and feeling all week.

I was at my end. Broken down at my wits end.

And it is at this end, the one to which he brings us, when we begin to understand that all this chaos, all this pain, all this strife is all to show us that we can’t get by on our own. We cannot make it through our day, our circumstances without seeking Him. Without spending time with Him. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every day. I can’t get through these “ends” without Him. And neither can you!

So, this song is for anyone at their wits end too. For the parents at home with their children who are snowbound and restless. For the Pringles on your floor. For all the butts, noses, and faces you have had to wipe. For all the health decisions you have had to make for yourself, or for an old dog. For the phone calls you received that you thought you would never EVER get. For all those looking for that one moment when you can sit and spend time with Him.

For all those broken down at their wits end.

Seek Him. Reach out to Him. For that is where He begins.

5 responses to “Broken Down at Wits End”

  1. I loved this song! Thanks for sharing it, I had never heard it! January, I love your honest faith and your desire to allow God’s healing hand to touch, teach, and heal every aspect of your life! I know this too shall pass! You are a true Believer! Hang in there friend!

    1. Thanks Crystal! I just LOVE Mandisa so had to download her album! This song is on her newest one and played at just the right time!

  2. Loved the song…thank you friend for sharing this with us…so encouraging dear…thanks

    1. Thanks for reading! And so glad this was an encouragement to you!

      Be blessed, January

  3. […] So, I will continue to write for those like me who may also be up at 4 AM struggling with out of control emotions. Struggling to find God in the screams of a child, or in the face of a hard and tough circumstance.  […]

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