Just Say His Name

“For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13


There’s one invention that has confused me for years-the hospital gown. It doesn’t matter how many times I have had to attempt to put one of these on, I usually spend way too much time contemplating exactly how this ill-fitting, and immodest garment actually goes on.

As I was forced to once again spend time navigating the holes and ties of this piece of fabric last week, I asked myself the same questions as I have in the past: Does this get tied in the front or the back? How exactly do they expect me to tie this myself? Does it wrap to the left of the right? Oh goodness, is anything showing?

Too many questions to ask about a hospital gown. Too many thoughts running through my head to drown out. So, in defeat, I just give up trying to find the answer. Deciding to do it my way.

Now, what does my struggle with hospital games have to do with anything?

Well, usually waiting on the other side of the door, the door behind which a gown is placed on one’s body, lies some uncertainty, fear, or anxiety.

And in these times of defeat and uncertainty, we often give up trying to wait for the answer, and do it our way.

When you don’t know what to say, just say Jesus. There’s still power in the name, the name of Jesus. If the words won’t come, and you don’t know what to say. Just say Jesus. 

And that’s what I did.

As I was laying in one of the loudest machines, as I was laying in a state of panic I had never felt before, with the unpleasant noises drowning out my soothing music, I did just that.

I laid there, I closed my eyes, and simply said: “Jesus, Jesus…help me get through this.”

While life is often like that awful gown, full of uncertainty and fear; that MRI machine is much like our relationship with God. Our ability to hear his voice in the midst of all the noise. Our resistance to call His name in our state of panic.

To just say Jesus.

Then call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you. Psalm 50:15

There have been many times in the past couple months when I have not known what to say. My thoughts have been so loud that I cannot hear what God is telling me to do.

When I haven’t been able to find the words to get through to my teenager.

When I’m waiting in another gown, behind another door of uncertainty.

When I don’t even know what to pray, what to ask for, what to say to God.

When I’m in a state of panic, and the noise of my thoughts has drowned Him out.

When life gets hard. When your not sure what else you can take. When you’ve laid awake too many nights to count, isn’t it comforting to know that it doesn’t matter how the words come out, all we have to do is say His name.

Just say Jesus.

2 responses to “Just Say His Name”

  1. I love this January! Love the way you allow God to teach you in the midst of everyday surrounding like the awkwardness of a hospital gown! Thanks for the wise message and reminder!

    1. Thanks, Crystal! It am always amazed at how He can make us look at every circumstance!

      Be blessed dear friend,

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