Saying Yes to a Little Rest


It is useless for you to work hard from early morning until late at night, anxiously working for food to eat; for God gives rest for his loved ones. Psalm 127:2

There is a phrase I have heard many times during my years in both lay and pastoral ministry: You can be doing many “good” things, but they may not all be “God” things.

Lately, I have been doing many “good” things. So many that my calendar has not one day on which something is not scheduled. I am going to school. Training to mentor women in crisis. Mentoring in my community. Spending a weekend away with my husband. Visiting my brother.

I certainly believe all of these “good” things are also God ordained.

But in the midst of this hustle and bustle, I have also done some not so “good” things.

In my busyness I have rushed my kids and family. Snapped at my husband for helping me, because it seems to be something I can’t allow anyone else to do. I have yelled at everyone in this house to clean up, to hurry up, to get up…well, because I am fed up!

In thinking of all these “good” things I need to get done. All those “good” things swimming around in this already overcrowded brain, I have lost the ability to add much else, which means minor distractions have made me come undone. Like jump across the table in a meeting with duct tape undone if that co-worker makes another noise. Like snatch that chip bag from my son’s hands undone if he chews any louder!

Yes, not “good” things at all.

“When all of life feels like an urgent rush from one demand to another, we become forgetful. We forget simple things like where we put our car keys [GUILTY!] or that one crucial ingredient for dinner when we run into the grocery store [Stark-raving mad GUILTY]. But even more disturbing, we forget God. We say with our mouths that we are trusting and relying on God, but are we really?” -Lysa TerKeurst, The Best Yes

And, as I hold onto the end of my rope, and my overcrowded calendar. As I snap at my kids. As I snicker at co-workers, and contemplate punching my husband (Oh, admit it….you do this, too!), God gently whispers, You forgot something, January. 

You forgot to rely on me.

So, then what does he do? He gives me a sick child. He gives me the ability to choose my “best yes.” To rub the burning hot head of the moaning and groaning little boy on the couch, or the demands of my overcrowded schedule.

He gave me no choice but to drop off a few appointments from my calendar, delegate some need to do tasks to others, and spend some time with Him, and the one who needed my time the most.

While He didn’t reveal in these last couple days all the answers to my doubts. While I don’t know what is to come, or what He has planned yet, that much needed time of rest, of prayer, of time bonding with my blue-eyed boy will make me better equipped to handle the week to come.

To slow down and enjoy my kids.

To go away with my husband without worrying about the state of the house.

To appreciate the enthusiasm of a co-worker in the next meeting.

To look forward to what God has planned after this last week at work, instead of looking at the mounting bills on the kitchen table.

To remember God’s nudging to take time for Him. Time for the ones who are most important to me.

Not just when I want to tape my co-worker’s mouth shut, or deck my husband. Not just when I can’t do one more “good” thing. Not just when I’m at the end of my rope and fed up.

But, making sure that one of my first answers of “yes” to Him, is just simple time of rest.

2 responses to “Saying Yes to a Little Rest”

  1. All too often, many of us loose sight of the bigger picture. That Jesus is our purpose, first and foremost. As we take care of our relationship with Him, He necessarily enables us to take care of our family and then the balance of the all the rest. We do serve a might God, who know us better than we know ourselves and still… HE loves and cherishes us! Be encouraged, you are never alone and you are not alone is reaching the level of frustration more quickly or often than you care to admit. As you slow down or rather continue in a slower pace, know He is smiling as you, we, learn and grow through these times of testing and draw ever closer to the point of “snap”. He loves us and cares deeply about all that comes our way! You are loved!!!

  2. Reblogged this on Journey With Jesus and commented:
    We should all say, Yes to a little rest!!!

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