Autism Came to Play

Autism Came to Play

Autism came out to play today. It accompanied my boy down the steps of the bus.

Followed its afternoon routine perfectly, never altering his course, until some unknown thing slowly created a fuss.

Autism came home with Hunter, even though he wasn’t invited to stay.

Smiles quickly turned to tears. Tears to wails. Why? Who knows. It’s just a game autism likes to play.

Autism came out to play today, and he followed us to church, too.

Throwing things. Flailing. Beating Mommy up. Slowly making her come unglued.

Autism came out to play today, he seems to like it here.

He’s impossible to please. Sometimes more than a Mommy can bear. He is quite demanding, and his senses out of tune, I fear.

Autism came out to play today, and he isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

He screams at me. He punches me in the face. He wears me down to the core.

But, he also smiles. He also laughs. He also gives sweet kisses.

And the blessings of what he brings with him are enough to keep me going just a little bit more.

Autism came out to play today, and there is nothing else to do but invite him in.

To love him. To calm him. To hold him.

To tell him that whenever he needs you, well…you will aways be there for him.

Every time I think of you…I thank God. I Corinthians 1:4, The Message

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  1. […] I want to come unraveled because autism came out to play on the way to church (and in the middle of the foyer), hug me and tell me I am doing a good job. […]

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