A Hand-Me-Down No More

Hayley Fashion

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! 2 Corinthians 5:17

I am a bit of a fashion maven. It’s true. I love clothes. I love how they feel. I love how they can define one’s personality, enhance a figure, and be the cloth that covers up how bad we may feel. I like that on those days I can at least look great, even when I may not feel it. I also like how one piece of clothing is different for each individual. And, this love of fashion, and it’s ability to be recreated into something different began as a young child.

I never had the trendiest clothes growing up. Nothing I wore looked exactly like anyone else’s, and I wasn’t heading to the mall to keep up with what my friends were wearing. Since my aunt and I were so close in age, I ended up with many of her clothes instead. Things I deemed “old,” because they weren’t mine. Some items that were obviously no longer in style. At least according to my classmates’ standards.

Instead of protesting to my parents whom I knew could not afford to keep up with all the new “fads,” I did what any young, budding fashionista would do. I started taking these “hand-me-down” garments, and making them “new.” Adding bits and pieces of my personality. My style. A belt. A necklace. A scarf borrowed from my mom’s closet guaranteed that the focus would not be on my old clothes, but my “new” accessories. And, when that didn’t work, I just cut my losses, and spilled enough juice on some of them so I could guarantee I never had to wear them again.

Knowing that the only way to make that “old” garment new, was to trash it.

God can do the same for us. He can take our old selves, and transform them into something new.

But, we have to trash a few things along the way. A few of the old, hand-me-down garments we used to wear.

Like our selfish desires. Our disobedience. Our crummy attitudes. Our hate.

Instead He gives us new garments such as self-control. Obedience. Faith. Brotherly affection.

But, he doesn’t want us to throw these things on every now and then as new accessories to simply cover up our old ways. He wants us to trash the old things like a juice-strained dress.

With a little prayer God can fill our hand-me-down hearts with love.

With time He can shift our hand-me-down attitudes to those of acceptance and understanding.

With praise He can change our old hand-me-down complaints and grumblings to words of thanksgiving.

With fellowship He can transform our hand-me-down loneliness to belonging.

With service He can change our hand-me-down selfishness to selfless and Christ-driven dreams, goals, and desires.

Until all of those old things. Those old ways. Those hand-me-down garments have been trashed for good, and the only things that remain are the duds no fashionista can emulate on the cover of a magazine, or in the halls of a school.

The garments of Christ. The ones that define us far better than any hand-me-down every could or will.

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