Individually molded to be different

Cookie cutters

We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand. Isaiah 64:8

My son loves to cook. He enjoys buying new cookbooks, and learning how to use new kitchen gadgets, and is drawn to any nifty “cooking kit.” Gingerbread men were no exception this past Christmas, and he tackled the task with his usual perseverance and desire to get everything just so. Getting the dough just right. Rolling into the perfect thickness. Cutting out each new shape.

If you look closely, each cookie cutout looks pretty much the same. Lined up neatly on a pan. All with eyes, noses, buttons, and an array of icing.

My kids, at first glance, have similarities, too. Heads of curls. Sweet smiles. Button noses.

But, they each have differences as well.

Two wear glasses. The other does not. Two have deep, thoughtful green eyes, while the youngest has happy blues. Our daughter is a free spirit, while her younger brother craves routine, and sameness. One is all books, books, books. One is all about sharks and Minecraft. While another is all wrestling and Xbox.

The same, but different.

In much the same way we all are.

While we all have similarities, we are also certainly not lined up in neat rows, and expected to all look a certain way. Instead, we are all masterfully molded into particular shapes. Given chosen personalities. We are cut from the mold, fashioned and decorated with individual skills and talents.

Wholly unique, and unlike a plate of cookies, not made to be molded like the next.

We are all molded by the master baker. Each difference (and similarity) chosen to be used to fulfill His purpose and plan.

You are not a standard gingerbread. You are an individual masterpiece.

Molded to be different. Molded to be great. Molded to be used. Molded to be His.

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