“Costumes” and a Little Boy’s Lesson on Self-Acceptance

After being asked this morning, “Where is your costume?” I can totally understand my son’s desire to simply be himself. Costumes are fun, but being who He has made me to be is so much better!

Straight Up: Messy Truth

“You are the light of the world-like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:13


“I am being nothing! I am dressing as Hunter!” “What about your shark mask?” I kindly plead with my four year old son. “No! Nothing! I am going as Hunter!”

That is right. Hunter is adamantly boycotting the custom of wearing a costume on Halloween. As a child with sensory processing issues, he often has a hard time relenting to our demands of wearing anything that buttons, anything that covers his face, or anything that requires tugging on, pulling on, or tying on! For the past few years he has managed to wear at least part of his costumes sans hat, crown, or whatever head or face adornment that came with the Halloween duds…but, not this year. This year, he is going to be Hunter.

“I don’t need to dress up to…

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