The One who sees you

It seemed to be like any other Sunday morning. I got up. Made my coffee. Sat down to read my Bible. It seemed like any other morning. Yet, it wasn’t. That coffee wouldn’t go down as it usually does. That Bible remained unopened, and something inside of me was just unsettled.

And I spent the rest of that seemingly, normal Sunday morning sobbing on my bedroom floor. That urge to sob remained as I went through my normal Sunday motions.

Until: “If today you feel unloved, come pray.”

So I did. Because in the core of that unsettled spirit was that belief.

I felt unloved.

Overlooked. Unappreciated. Disrespected. Insignificant. Like nothing I did was ever good enough. Simply expected and undervalued. And I’ll admit…I was thinking it sure would be nice to hear a simple “Thank you!”

But as I sat (once again, crying) at that altar, I was reminded of this:

While others may not accept my love, or even return it-I am never far away from His love.

I wasn’t overlooked. He saw everything I was doing to take care of my family and countless others.

I wasn’t insignificant or undervalued. In fact, He reminded me that He thought I was so significant that He offered me grace, a new life, and talents only I possessed-even if they were not appreciated by others.

So today…I want you to know: Even if others make you feel like you don’t belong. Don’t measure up, or simply forget you.

Even if you never hear an earthly, “Thank you.”

You belong. You belong with Him. You have talents and gifts that are immeasurable. You are not forgotten.

You are seen. You are appreciated. You are loved.

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