Love that chooses you

yes signage on brown wooden chalkboard
Photo by Emre Can on

“You didn’t choose me. I chose you.” John 15:16

 My husband and I have a back and forth banter when we talk about our engagement. His comment is that I married him. My response-“Well, YOU asked ME. I simply said yes.”  It is a humorous reminder that he pursued me. Chose me to be his wife.

God is much like a love interest in hot pursuit. And He continues to pursue us until we finally say “yes,” and choose Him.

He chose us from the very beginning. Before we ever knew Him.

And even when we run far away from Him. Reject Him. Turn away from Him and His wisdom-He continues to come look for us.

He chooses us again and again.

Like a date bringing flowers to impress the interest of its heart. God does everything He can to get our attention. He is working in and walking around in our lives even when we don’t see it. Or simply deny His presence.

He sends reminders to us of our worth, when earthly love turns cold, and impressions leave us wanting more, or simply disappointed. We can rest assured that God’s love won’t do either.

It continues to choose you. Look for you. Pursue you.

Until finally…one day-you simply say “yes” and choose Him, too.

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