Are you “nuts” every day?

There are three things that amaze me-no, four things I don’t understand; how an eagle glides through the sky, how a snake slithers on a rock, how a ship navigates the ocean, how a man loves a woman. Proverbs 30:18-19

Yes. A card. With the word “nuts” on it.

And you know what. Many would say it’s to be expected after 14 years (well almost 14, but at some point you don’t count). But me? I laughed. For a while actually.

In the spirit of ole Dr. Suess:

I hate Valentine’s Day. The whole Valentine’s season. Some may think I am lame, but I know the reason. It isn’t because my heart is too small. It is actually one of the biggest of all. Maybe it’s because as a young one she would sit, hoping with all her might, that she would be the recipient of those hand-delivered roses wrapped in Valentine’s delight.

Yep. I never got flowers in middle school. I never got cards. Not even one with the word “nuts” on it.

But really…this day shouldn’t be about those things at all.

My husband didn’t change who he was for some sappy holiday. This card? It is simply him. Every day. More so, I wasn’t expecting anything to be waiting for me today. Not because we don’t celebrate. Not because I am a Valentine’s grinch. We do typical family style things. Valentines bingo. Heart shaped food. But, we also think of each other daily. He picks up “treats” from the store just because. I didn’t need a holiday to prove he loved me.

I didn’t need sappy words written in a card, because they are spoken daily, and yes…sometimes they sound more like what is on the card I got.

I didn’t need a box of chocolates because I get the love I need daily. And none of that love comes from anything that can be wrapped in pretty heart shaped paper.

I no longer need some friend to bring a carnation from my beloved that proves someone loves me. I know he does.

My point is this:

Love isn’t born in a day.

It isn’t expressed on one solo day of the year. And it doesn’t change who it is to impress its love interest.

It doesn’t speak words it wouldn’t speak on the daily. Act any differently. Treat you any differently. It doesn’t have to walk down to the office and purchase a carnation to make you feel special in front of all your classmates.

It’s the same on that one day as it was yesterday. As it will be tomorrow.

Because if it’s nuts about you. Well it is daily. Even if you drive each other nuts.

Even if you never get sent a single flower. You still know…well, those “nuts” are yours.

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