Maybe you failed…but a failure you are not

I failed today.

I had all these things I set out to do. And I didn’t do a single one.

I prayed last night that when I woke this morning, I would remember that “mercy was anew.” I did remember it. For a moment. Until that car pulled out in front of me. That child yelled at me. That co-worker snapped at me. And I forgot all about mercy.

I failed to do the laundry.

I failed to put down my phone.

I failed to meet my deadline. I failed to be patient. Spoke harshly. Was a little too snappy. Let my frustration show through my tone and actions.

I failed today.

I failed to cook dinner.

I failed to play that game with my kids.

I failed to spend time with my husband.

I failed.

I failed because the world says I have to keep up with everything that is thrown at me. I failed because the world says I have to have it all together. Be everything to everyone, all with a bright smile on my face. Check everything off my endless to-do list with everlasting cheeriness.

And if I keep trying to measure up to the standards of the world. Rating myself on whether all my check boxes are filled, I will always feel like a world-class failure.

And I am not. I am not a failure.

I just failed today.

And I can try again tomorrow.

And so can you. You can cross off one more thing from your list you didn’t get done tomorrow. Or next week.

You can spend 10 less minutes on your phone, even if you hoped it would be an hour.

You can simply sort the laundry, and wait until tomorrow to actually start a load.

And still be successful.

Because you are not failing.

You are human. Sure you have some tough days. Sure to want to throw out your check list. Sure to feel that all is going wrong. And everything is crumbling. Sure to feel like you have failed a time or two. Or three.

But surely….never a failure.

We all fall short of God’s glorious standard. Romans 3:23