Walk tall, and own your crown

Ever watched one of those beauty contests? You know, like Miss USA, Miss Universe, and the like? I have never been in one of these pageants. Just not my thang…but I have watched them. And one of the questions I always had-how do they keep that huge crown on their head? Pins of some sort, I am sure. But…also, their posture. Have you ever seen a beauty queen slumped over? Have you ever seen someone try to walk with a slouch while trying to keep a crown on?

It probably isn’t possible.

“Can you walk on that beam? Without falling?” It’s the question a young second-grader had asked me. I had taken him outside early one morning to climb the monkey bars in an effort to keep him awake in class. You know, because movement and fresh air wakes the brain. Science and psychology, but you didn’t come here for that.

Anyway…I had on heels. Surely, I could NOT walk on that beam without falling. Until, I thought of something. I had been thinking of this something for a while really. Posture. What if walking on that beam had nothing to do with the shoes I was wearing, but everything to do with my posture?

At first, I stepped on. Took a few steps. Fell off. Then, I adjusted my stance. I held my head high. I refused to look down. I looked straight ahead. And I walked. All the way to the end. In heels. On a skinny beam, meant for one small foot.

“You did it! In heels!” Yes, I did.

And you can too. Walk on beams. And walk in places people have told you that you couldn’t before. Walk without letting your crown fall off. Just like a queen. Just like a king. In heels, or whatever you choose to wear.

It’s all about your posture. Your stance. The way you hold your head. It has nothing to do with what you wear. Where you came from. What anyone has said about you, or what you have done.

It’s your posture.

You can’t wear your crown, if you keep looking down.

And I realized this on that beam, as a second grader watched me walk along it in clunky high-heels; watching my example. Trying it again the same way I did-over and over. I can’t carry His crown, if I keep looking down. If I keep looking down at others. If I keep looking down on myself. If I keep playing small, reducing my posture, holding myself back, not standing tall, or refusing to shine too bright because I am afraid someone else will take offense.

I have noticed my posture over the years, and it is bad. I couldn’t hold a crown on this head with this posture, it would fall right off. And why is it that I scrunch my shoulders, tighten my neck muscles, and try so hard to curl up in a tight ball to make myself small?

I have inherited a crown! I need to own my Father’s crown. My place as His royal princess, and stand tall in who I am. Shoulders back. Head high. No more playing small for God.

Do you need to do the same? If you placed His crown on your head, would it fall right off? What kind of posture do you have right now? Are you playing small? Crouching in corners because you think you are too “something” to be used, or too afraid of what others may think.

Stop it!

God doesn’t want us to be shy with his gifts, but bold and loving and sensible. 2 Timothy 1:7, MSG

He gifted you. You. You in your boldness. You in your posture. You and your God-given, unique, no other made just like you crown.


You may be too much of something for someone. But for someone else you are exactly what they need. And for God you are made exactly for His purpose in their lives.


You must stop playing small for those who can’t appreciate your version of love, care or light; or who don’t even give you a second thought, don’t value that light, or let it shine.


You are altogether wonderful and appreciated by the people meant to be loved by you. Meant to be inspired by you; some you haven’t even met yet. Or may not ever meet. You and your crown have a purpose in someone’s life.

Who you are matters. What you do matters. You matter. Keep standing tall. Stop playing small. Put that crown on your head, my dear; and don’t you dare let it fall!

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