Just see Jesus

Oh, I have days I lose the fight
Try my best but just don’t get it right
Well I talk a talk that I don’t walk
And miss the moments right before my eyes. -Zach Williams, Less Like Me

I know what that’s like. I aim daily to “fight the good fight.” But…there are days I fail. I may judge too critically. I may curse. I may cut someone off in traffic. I may fall. Oh, I may fall. I am human. I am trying to walk like Jesus, but I don’t get it right. There are days I miss the mark.

I was sitting in my telehealth space one morning contemplating this art of being an example of Jesus. Thinking about the ways I may not have been. How I could be better. Feeling like a failure in one moment, and remembering grace in another.

Why grace?

Well, I heard a song. Because if you remember He often speaks to me that way…and it was what I was thinking at that moment. The only thing I wanted people to see in me was Jesus. I wanted to set THAT example. And maybe I messed up, but grace gave me the opportunity to be Jesus to others.

Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. 2 Corinthians 12:9

Because His grace allows me to get up when I fall. To say, “Yes…I messed up. But God…He picks me back up. He sets my feet on the right path so I can get right with Him again. So I can reflect His image, and be more like His son. Be an example of His love. His goodness.”

Because that’s the thing. Sure, there are things here on earth that would be great to do. Accomplishments I would love to achieve. Things I would love to have. Applause is nice. Compliments feel good for a moment. And an award here and there is great for the ego. Success looks good on social media or a resume.

But…it fills for a moment. You may be remembered for a time. Your name may be dropped here and there. But for me-it doesn’t matter.

It’s not about me.

It’s about Jesus.

Because I can’t pick myself up. When I fall, I need Him to get me on track. It’s Him who gave me the talents that make me a success. And if no one remembers my name, I hope they say this: That woman…yeh, don’t remember her name, but with her, I knew I was with Jesus.

A little more like mercy, a little more like grace
A little more like kindness, goodness, love, and faith
A little more like patience, a little more like peace
A little more like Jesus, oh, a little less like me
A little more of living everything I preach
A little more like Jesus, a little less like me

I don’t need them to see or remember me, only Jesus. Let them just see Jesus.

*I do not own rights to music/songs, or lyrics.

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