Your fear is lying to you

I remember the last time I got on a roller coaster before I declared them off-limits for me. I used to love them. The twisty, the better. So what made me stop? What made me walk around with this irrational fear of them? Nothing has ever happened to me on one. No known tragedy related to them that triggered this boycott.

No. None of those.

I simply got on one, and felt like I had lost control. Of my body. My voice. My ability to choose. I couldn’t escape the stupid thing as my stomach was dropping. And when I screamed-well nothing happened. The ride just continued.

I swore them off for over 10 years. I had vowed never to feel that “out of control” again.

Have teenagers at an amusement park with you, and you will likely begin to dissect things you firmly held onto for years, because they challenge EVERYTHING! Your irrational fears are not off limits.

Which means I was not immune from being challenged by my teen daughter to get on not one, but two coasters while we were at a local amusement park. Deal was…she got to pick which one.

I could have said no. I mean. I’m the adult. I’m in charge. But was my fear of them irrational? Was I missing out on opportunities to spend time with her because something about the big metal contraptions that fling your body into the air was triggering long (what I thought buried) trauma?

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
    so why should I be afraid?
The Lord is my fortress, protecting me from danger,
    so why should I tremble? Psalm 27:1, NLT

So, I did it. And what happened? I was fine. There was still screaming, my stomach still dropped to my shoes, but I was fine. I had fun, even. I faced my fear. Completed the task. And I was not harmed. I survived.

Just like I have with so many other fears.

We hold onto our irrational fears, because they provide comfort. Most of all they provide a sense of control. We believe we can’t control the outcome. We can’t control the reactions. We can’t control whether we will succeed. So we hold onto that thing we just won’t do. Say. Achieve. Until our fears control us.

Which is exactly where our enemy wants us to be.

He wants us to stay paralyzed and stuck. Satan will dangle our fears in front of us so we stay stuck in our past pains, hurts, and traumas. He convinces us that no one cares. You have no voice. You have no say. He whispers that your screams will go unheard. That you will never escape your past hurts. Satan convinces us to live in fear so we never fulfill God’s purposes in us, and Satan is lying to you.

Healing comes when we hand those fears to God. The One who provides the strength to help us conquer them.

He won’t let us fall. He won’t let us lose control, because He is ultimately in control. He always listens. Always hears. Nothing and no one will harm us because He is our shelter and our safety. He is our peace when our fears try to take control.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” Luke 14:27

Is there a fear you are having trouble overcoming, because your desire to control your present, your past, your future have taken over? Or because you are holding onto some hurt from the past? Give your fear to Him. Ask Him to take control. Ask Him to provide you with strength and power to overcome and move forward-either facing it head on, or healing from the thing that caused that fear.

He will provide safety. And the only peace that will ease our hearts, and take control.

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