Just buy the coffee

There are days I wonder if anyone cares to notice. Cares to notice that there is a world past the one they live in. Cares that the person in front of them with the plastered on smile. With that “fake face” on, as I call it, is really just dying to go home and pretend the outside world and all it’s demands don’t exist.

I care. Because I am that person on too many days to count.

I wonder if I’m seen. Or if anyone will care to see past the small scowl I may have while walking into the church parking lot…because “fake face” isn’t working this morning. Because I am coming in this morning after yelling at my kids.

Because that heated discussion now continues in the church cafe with no one caring to notice. Or so it seems.

Because after months of caring for the least of these, I was now sitting across from someone who was telling me I still wasn’t trusted. Why? I couldn’t deliver promises I knew I just couldn’t keep.

Because I now sat, knowing I had to “fake face” my way through something I had to hide for over a year. Not say anything. Sit back and stay silent. Again.

There have been a number of days with small instances like this, but on this day I went home a ball of bitterness, anger, and loads of regrets. I exploded on anyone and everyone in sight.

The next day. I couldn’t get out of bed. My body had just given up. I was tired of fighting Satan. I was sick from fighting him, and all his adversaries. Would anyone have known this? No. More than likely, no.

Don’t be concerned for your own good but for the good of others. 1 Corinthian 10:24, NLT

Really, we all look past the hurting. The down-trodden. The sullen. The heartbroken. Because we are focused on our own good. We all do it.

But what if we just bought someone a coffee? What exactly do I mean?

Well, after that battle with my anger. Satan. And my self-professed sabbath, I was determined to have a good day after.

But then the dog wet on the carpet. I couldn’t do anything with my hair. I got stuck in traffic. And I was late for work…again. Small things, but all things to keep from me focusing on the good.

But then someone bought my coffee.

It seemed so simple.

A stranger. In front of me in Starbucks (because I’m never too late for Starbucks), and the sweet sound of- “The person in front of you paid for your drink.”

The person in front of me.

I’m just a random stranger in a coffee drive-through.

Or was I?

No. I was an opportunity to be seen. For someone to look outside themselves, and be kind. Do good.

It doesn’t happen often. This looking outside ourselves. This seeing. The going outside of one’s own world to brighten someone else’s.

With a coffee.

Case in point…

Later, the devil must have decided he wasn’t going to take defeat lightly. He got at my head again. Started nagging me. In the mirror. Because that’s where he tries to get at many of us. I looked down and noticed you could see through my dress. Though no one had bothered to tell me. They commented on said dress, but never helped a girl out.

But I remembered this. Though right now…I could only see my underpants, and thought all kinds of things. And wondered what others thought, you know-cuz Satan; I remembered this: someone was kind enough to buy my coffee.

So, moral of this story:

Never, EVER let a fellow woman walk around with her unmentionables showing. It’s ok to pull her to the side and whisper it in her ear. Please! Help a girl out!

Do some good, and just buy someone a coffee. It may just make someone feel a little bit more seen.

And you’ll be looking past yourself to do someone else some good.

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