Are we really that different?

So many differences among us. If you turn on any news outlet. Scroll through any social media commentary (which I just don’t do anymore), you will note that it seems the world is at odds. No one seems to agree on anything. Relationships are in shambles if you really dig down deep underneath the surface. We seem to all be fighting to get through a pandemic that seems to never end, and muddle through continued struggles and strife that rock our close and distant world. All while…none of us seem to relate.

On many days it seems we are actually seeking to expose all the differences that divide us. Argue over them. Create rifts that only create more division and grief. Instead of seeking to find the common ground that connects us all.

The things we all go through.

The things we all battle.

All the things we share and of which we can truly relate.

Yes, I try to find common ground with everyone, doing everything I can to save some. 1 Corinthians 9:22, NLT

If we put down our phones, and relinquished our thumb wars. If we had actual conversations instead of virtual or text messages that only cause confusion, more arguments, or sometimes no resolution at all-we may find out some things about each other. We may find we can relate.

Different. Yet the same.

We are human.

We feel pain. And we have inflicted pain.

We have been hurt. And we have caused the hurt.

We have shunned the sinner. And we have been the sinner.

We’ve all started new jobs. We’ve all needed help at those new jobs.

We’ve all needed a friend. We’ve all left a friend in a time of need.

We’ve all felt grief. We’ve all not known how to handle our grief.

We all have a past. We are all trying to somehow overcome our past.

We’ve all been the outcast. We’ve all made someone feel like one.

We’ve all needed love. We’ve all made someone feel unloved.

Can you relate?

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