What now, God?

God has taken me on many journeys. He has taken me on one LONG journey as I navigate becoming a licensed mental health provider, advocate for the mental health needs of my clients, all while trying to meet the needs of myself, and those that live in my home. There are few who get it. Even fewer resources in a world booming with mental health concerns, and sometimes the church has been a far lesser resource.

God is calling me to assist in being a voice that changes that. He places His people in “secular” roles to be His voice among the voiceless. To stand silently by, while the world keeps turning as it will, without helping those who need it.

It’s time to not remain voiceless.

He has given me wisdom. He has given me knowledge. He has given me the honor of being a guide. He has given me a mental health issue. He has given me a powerful voice.

It’s time to use it to provide wisdom, knowledge, tools, understanding, and His healing to others.

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