Just a voice

I stopped. Felt silenced again. And am now using my voice to begin again.

Read, or even listen to hear why “Just A Voice.”

Ever felt like you had no voice? Or you spoke out, spoke your truth and were then silenced? Some of us, more than others. Some maybe not at all.

So why, “Just a Voice?” Well, no one is just anything. Not just a mom. Just a custodian. Whatever you want to add here. And though you may have one voice-you have a unique voice. A voice that needs to be heard. That can reach the heart of one person that needs to hear truth. Honestly. From a real place. Without fluff. Bells. Whistles.

That’s what you will hear. No fluff. No bells. No whistles. No extras. Just a writer. With a pen. Some paper. Her Bible. The Word of God. A microphone.

Just a voice. But a unique one. To whom God has given something to say. A straight-up voice, speaking truth about Him in your mess and your beautiful.

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