He is still working through you

A couple years ago I was on fire. Passionate. I was pretty certain that God had placed a specific calling on my heart. I knew I had heard him, remember the events. The time. The place. Who was around. What He said to me.

I had a plan and a purpose. A focus. A desire.

Then…I didn’t.

Then…I began to question if what I heard was real. Did He really speak to me? Was I really called to do that thing?

What happened? Well, many things. The world, mainly. Satan, more than likely. People, because they can get in the way. So, I listened to the world. I listened to Satan, and I listened to those people, and I doubted that call. Doubted if it was ever mine.

Doubt can creep in during the midst of some of God’s work and gifting when different motives are at work. Doubt can creep in during the midst of His speaking when other’s are speaking something different. Doubt can creep in when we are waiting for Him to move our mountains, because someone is telling us we are not capable to be used by Him. Doubt can leave the purposed feeling like they have no purpose.

Doubt kills vision. It kills focus. It can stifle a call.

Same power, now and forever
No You’re not through
Same words, can speak to the mountains
And make them move
I know the God of the old is the God of the new
I know that You did it then and You still do
You still do -Terrian

Faith brings purpose and vision back to life. The faith that God will not keep His purpose from being accomplished, even if the world or man gets in the way, God is still moving mountains. Providing power to the people the world deems not capable, and reassuring us that He isn’t through with us yet.

Whatever doubt you may have today. Whatever dreams or calling have been allowed to die, I pray you remember God still has a purpose, plan, calling, and vision that is just for you!

I do not own the rights to this video, lyrics, or music.

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