You Never Know Who’s Talking to Jesus About You

It’s not a conversation I was expecting. After preaching my first “main worship” sermon in what turned out to be a rough couple of years, I should have expected most anything at this point. 

I had just spoken about the power of prayer. The call to pray for those who had hurt us. Even if we never get an apology. Even if we never see them again. To always answer the call to pray through the anger. To pray for God to forgive anything we did, and forgive them, too. 

I expected a comment on how prayer had worked in this person’s life. I knew we had drifted in our own relationship. Through the years we weren’t as close. Ministry priorities had taken us in different places, but I never expected to hear this: 

“You know I prayed for you, too. I prayed for you everyday.”

I hide many things. I must not have been hiding some. They knew I needed prayer. Because there were times in my dark periods I didn’t think God was listening to me, but maybe He wasn’t…because He was listening and answering their prayers for me. 

It was just what I needed to hear to confirm my belief that prayer is powerful, even if we can’t see the fruit of what we pray for right away. Even if we don’t know exactly why God may be asking us to pray for someone, we do it anyway. Because He knows we will, and He knows what they need. He will provide it at just the right time. We don’t give up the asking. Even if we don’t feel like it-we pray anyway. 

We never know exactly who may be praying for us. It may just surprise you. 

I heard this song a couple months ago, and I stopped to play it over and over as I headed to work. It speaks to the legacy that I want to leave-of a woman who people knew talked to Jesus. I want people to see it. To see and know its power and be inspired to do the same. 

You may find yourself, after preaching your heart out on a Sunday morning, finding that without you knowing for sometime…someone was praying for you. 

I do not own the rights to this video or music.

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