Just Be Still, Already

We heard it as kids. We likely say it as adults now: “Be still. Sit down and just be still.” An instruction often given from parent to child. One that comes after too much moving and less just being. 

You know we are commanded by God to do the same: “Be still?” Yet, even for us, the adults, who demand this over and over from our children…we don’t know how to practice this.

As I finished reading the devotion relating to this very thing…just sitting and waiting on God, I audibly heard the verse from Psalm 46:10 repeated to me: “Be still and know that I am God.” I have this verse in various places around my house. A reminder to sit, pray and let God do His thing. But as I heard that verse I had read over and over, I reflected on its meaning. The message version states it this way: “Step out of the traffic! Take a long loving look at me, your High God.”

Step out of the traffic. Essentially…get out of God’s way so He can BE God.

For a number of years, I was in the traffic. Ready to assist at the sign of any jam. Any accident. Any crisis. I was there. Running to save as if I was God. Until it took a toll and I needed saving. There is a time to run into traffic, but God’s command to be still, is a command to let God do His thing. However, we don’t do this. We move. We move because we don’t like His timing, thinking ours is better. We move before we are ready. We move outside of His will. 

We move and play God, when He simply asks us to be still. 

You. You pray. Be still and pray. Sometimes that’s all you can do. Maybe for this season, that’s all God is calling you to do. Because God is the one who saves. God does crisis intervention, and He takes care of traffic jams. You. You just need to get out of His way. Pray and let Him do His thing. Because when you pray…He WILL do His thing. 

Get out of the traffic today. Get out of His way, and you? You just simply be still and pray. 

I don’t own the rights to the music or video.

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