Not By My Strength, But His

Ever heard of a life verse? It’s a verse from the Bible that speaks to you and usually defines the way in which you walk in your daily life with Christ. 

Do you have one? I do. One I even decided to tattoo on my arm as a reminder to live out its truth daily:

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

It’s what has kept me going on the days when I didn’t think I could do anything. And this day was no different. 

This day was supposed to be a day of rest. 

It had been a long, trying, emotional week prior to the holiday break. Mental health crises tend to spike at this time, as many kids are anticipating an extended period in places they may not feel safe. My heart and mind were heavy, and I was just ready to shut the impact of trying to meet all these needs off.

Knowing that at times we have to do this, to ever meet these needs in the first place. 

This day was supposed to consist of hot coffee, book fairs, and wrapping gifts. Not navigating the healthcare system with a 6 month old. Not waiting for hours for tests to come back. Not trying to muster the ability to just get past the check-in desk without losing it, since I had lost my wallet. Had no ID. No cash. No card. Nothing but the two Starbucks I had brought in with me. 

As I looked down I saw it. The tattoo. My first. To commemorate my life verse. Phil 4:13. And so if I believed it, how was I going to apply it here?

I remembered back to a time I used up all MY strength to do what I could with all the things. And it depleted me. Made me physically, emotionally, and spiritually sick. I stepped out of God’s will, which was the exact opposite of His strength. It was during that time I found this in a book I read, an explanation of what that strength meant. Its source.

I had enough of the other way. I knew if I walked in MY strength, I would fail. I would get in the way, and mess things up. So I got on that elevator, work ID on to replace my actual ID, pushed that button and prayed. 

God…I can’t do this without you. Send me your strength. Give me your power to push through this day. Give me your words, give me your patience to deal with the medical staff. I need you, because without you I don’t have the strength to make it through this day.

That’s what it means to live out a life verse. To do more than just slap it on an arm, a mug, a post, whatever. But to know what it means in the context of your relationship with God and live it. 

Are you living out your life verse? 

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