On a Journey to Real Love

When we finally begin to see God the way He truly sees us-with nothing but love; we begin to focus on old dreams and visions we let die with the opinions of the world around us. I documented the year long journey God took me to seek and find His true love for me (here and here). A love I thought I knew, but didn’t really.

I learned this: For so long I played small. I had allowed the voices of the world to dim my light, my gifts, and my purpose. I lowered my “posture,” stayed in corners because I believed I was too much of “something” to be used, when all along He had placed all the things I needed to do the things He desired in me. I just needed to look for them without the voices adding a bunch of noise.

And from that learning of His love over again, I became bolder to do new things. I stopped thinking about the opinions of others, and walked with Him in mind. I started looking at myself as God looked at me, not as the people around me did.

And I am all the better for it. Healthier. Stronger. More free.

And you can be, too.

Here is one of those things I will not shy away from doing. Crouch in a corner until someone else tells me it’s time or it’s OK. Or that I am even worthy.

Reading the Bible each morning is an important portion of my day. I can tell when I haven’t. When I have neglected this in my morning. And there are so many who don’t understand the Bible, or continue to come up with reasons to not open it up to enjoy all the beautiful things it has to say.

It is a love letter from God. One you may never get from a living being in your life, but one you need to feel the love you so crave here on earth.

I want to help you. I want to help you make it a daily practice, even if it is just one verse. And I want you to discover the true love that only comes from ONE. It doesn’t come from the voices or opinions of others. It isn’t found during a certain month, and it doesn’t inhabit a single day in February.

It is freely given by the One who created you, and who desires that you know His love and feel loved.

February begins a monthly journey through the Bible with me, with a focus on what God says about love. The kind of love the world often gets wrong. Each day you will find both a blog post on what God is speaking to me through each verse, and a word on His love.

Was your desire to start reading the Bible daily this year, and you still haven’t? Well, this is your chance. Download the scripture calendar below, and start now! It’s never too late to learn about, feel, and accept real love!

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