That One Verse

It very well could be one of the first verses you memorized. Perhaps it is the verse you have heard recited the most often in church services. It is certainly probably one of the most widely quoted, even written in paint under the eyes of football players. You are likely saying it to yourself at this very moment.

He (God) gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16. NLT

It makes complete sense to start this journey of love with this verse. Why?

From the beginning God displayed himself as a loving God. He fashioned creation with the work of His hands, and he didn’t make the world evil. He made the world “good,” until we messed up. And it has always been His desire to make this right. God doesn’t desire that we be anything but “good,” as He originally intended. Even throughout the Old Testament displays of His love and faithfulness abound, despite the continued rejection of God for false idols and things of the world.

God’s sacrifice of His own son was completed out of profound love for His people, and a desire to place us into right position with Him again. God loves us too much to let us die to our sins. To watch us perish, and He offered a sacrifice of His One and Only so we could all be provided with the acceptance of this position.

I am not sure I have known a greater love than that. One that would pour out everything. Give everything. Sacrifice everything so someone else could be let off the hook. So someone else could walk free.

But that is exactly what He did for us.

And we get to show our love to Him. How? While the verse suggests a “belief” this is only a start. Those that came before believed and still walked in utter darkness. God desires that we follow the ways of His Son. That we not only simply believe in His sacrifice of love, but that we grow to be like Him, and that we show His love to others, as well. So that others can come to know, believe in this love, and accept this love, too.

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