He Does It All with Love

And do everything with love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

If you have been around a long time, there is a chance you have heard of Mother Teresa, the Catholic nun who dedicated her life to the poor and desolate in the slums of Calcutta. In her lifetime she set up orphanages, she fed the homeless, she organized countless soup kitchens, and she educated the poor. One of her most famous quotes is one that closely mirrors the verse at the beginning of this post: “Do small things with great love.”

Where did this example of love come from? How do we learn to live out a love like this in our daily lives?

Our example is God.

Some of us may not have learned about a loving God growing up. We may have learned that God was essentially angry. Sitting on a throne in heaven, waiting to smite us if we did anything wrong. We may have feared lightening shooting down from heaven for any small transgression against Him, or any other authority figure.

While God is in fact a jealous God, and He does get angry…He is not a God who is all-consumed with rage, and an abusive nature; at the ready to hand out punishment any time we slip and fall.

God does discipline. Yes.

God does course correct. Yes.

God does sometimes make us stand face to face with our sin, as if we are looking at ourselves in a mirror. Yes, He does.

God does allow us to suffer when we take the wrong path over and over again.

But He does everything with love.

Because He disciplines, course corrects, and reveals our need for change because His desire is to show us grace. To move us to right position with Him, and in His kingdom. Not to smite us. He wants so much better for us. His is the kind of love that gently nudges us to come to Him in still, small voices, and also shows His love in the biggest way possible-by sending the One who took the fall for all we would do. Just so we would have a path to forgiveness when we are poor, destitute, and hungry for love.

He does everything He can in big and small ways to show His love for us. In the hopes we accept, and then show that love in everything we do for others.

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