The Original “Ride or Die”

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13

Ride or die.

It’s a term actually originated in the 1950’s by bikers referring to the fact that if they couldn’t ride, they would rather die. It is now being used to refer to relationships-those that are romantic in nature, friendly, and some even toxic (think “Bonnie and Clyde” here).

When we use the phrase, what are we referring to? What are the qualities that make someone a “ride or die?” It is usually someone who is fiercely loyal. Someone who will face problems with you head-on, alongside you. Someone who will “ride” with you, even when the ride becomes bumpy, filled with potholes, and may even be filled with danger. They will sacrifice themselves for you.

Do you know anyone like this? A partner? A friend?

I do.

His name is Jesus.

The OG “ride or die.”

Let’s fact check this one. Does Jesus fit our modern description?

Loyal? Check. He was about his Father’s business, no one else’s (Luke 2:49).

Encourager? Check. Jesus did not desire that those close to him would remain the way they were. Trapped by their past, or doubting their gifts. He took some of those rejected by society and made them his disciples-teaching them how to lead others after he was gone.

Honest? Check. Jesus did not dodge the truth. He didn’t sugar coat to make his disciples feel better. He spoke the truth in love. Even when it wasn’t popular.

Supportive at all times? Check. Jesus provided a way back to him when others went astray, offering mercy and forgiveness to those who were truly repentant (See Luke 22:54-62 and John 21:15-17)

Willing to sacrifice? Check. Jesus would rather die than allow us to continue in our own path of destruction. He sacrificed himself, not just for a few, but for the entire gang of us.

I would say that makes him the original “ride or die.” The truest definition of the term. The example of sacrifice and laying down one’s life for those we love.

There is no greater love than that one.

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