Promises of God: Seek and You Will Find

“If you look for me wholeheartedly you will find me.” Jeremiah 29:13

Yesterday I dived into that often used verse in Jeremiah 29, the one promising a hope and a future. The words in verse 11 are true, but there is so much in the entire chapter that is missed when we simply focus on that one verse. Yes, that 11th verse holds so much peace and hope, but today’s promise is just as powerful. But we often miss it because we don’t read far enough.

It’s true. God delivered His people to become captives in Babylonia, but He did not forget them. They were captives for 70 years, but they were not abandoned. Though it certainly may have felt that way.

Think about it…in times of trial it may be difficult to find God in it. We may wonder if He is even there at all. We may believe He has left us. We may call to Him, hear nothing in response, and believe He is not listening to our cries. In those moments we may even stop crying to Him. We reach out to the world instead. In our desperation we seek answers elsewhere.

And we come up empty.

In times of sorrow and pain, it may appear God has left. It may appear He is distant or that He doesn’t hear our pleas at all, but this isn’t the case.

He hasn’t left. He is still in the midst. We can call on Him knowing He will answer in His time, and confident that though this season may be painful it’s necessary for our growth. For our faith to become stronger. For our relationship with Him to flourish.

Seek Him. He is there. He is listening. You may not get the answer you want. You may not hear Him right away. But you can be assured He hasn’t left you. Seek Him, and you will find Him.

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