Promise of God: Never Forgotten

Can a mother forget her nursing child?
Can she feel no love for the child she has borne?
But even if that were possible,
I would not forget you! Isaiah 49:15, NLT

I often wonder what makes a person “unforgettable.”

My husband and I took a short walk down memory lane the other night. He was looking through yearbooks looking for someone in particular. A name sounded familiar, and we thought the key to the memory may be triggered by our high school photos. I flipped through the 20 plus year old photos, past the old superlative sections. Noticed the one marked “Most unforgettable.” And found two people I had…well forgotten.

So…what is it? What makes a person unforgettable? How can someone be described as “never to be forgotten?”

Some other words come to mind here. They could be described as memorable, special, remarkable, or exceptional. So a person may be hard to forget if they are kind, compassionate, caring, honest, and just real. People who are described as unforgettable are usually described as the “real deal,” and are genuine. They are highly intelligent, respect others, and humble in nature. They are also calm, and others feel a sense of peace around them.

We may know people like this. Vow we will never forget them. Yet, we still do.

We start forgetting to call. To text. To reach out. Until we just forget them altogether.

We may even feel we are these people, and then feel forgotten.

Yet, even if the calls, and the texts stop coming. No one reaches out. There is one who keeps the promise of never forgetting.

I, the Lord, made you,
and I will not forget you. Isaiah 44:21, NLT

Just like a mother knows her child’s voice. Just like she can hear the cries from a long way off, see her child from a long way off. Know and feel their pain even when they are far away. God, as His children, does not forget us. He will not forget us. Will not leave us.

We can call on Him. He will answer. We can cry to Him. He will hear them. Even when we wander, He will let us back in with open arms.

He is the one who truly never forgets.

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