I am a wife, mother, meemaw, pastor, and mental health provider who makes it through the day with my coffee, my journal, and my God; and I am also on some days a hot mess. A simple human, navigating life through the messy and sometimes chaotic.

The messy middle is where we have some of the toughest questions, and where we are thrown into the roughest waves. We may even start to sink, and see that there are not many around to throw us a floatie.


That is the Straight Up Messy Truth. The truth most people will not tell you. Are too afraid too tell you. Not vulnerable enough to share, or just do not know how.

But here is an even greater truth, that some won’t share either-you have a life raft. He is God. His strength. His power. His provision. His way to get you through the messy middle. Even when you feel like you are still a hot one.

Climb in the boat with me. There is a place here in the middle for you. As long as you can handle the truth. As long as you don’t mind the mess.

God Bless,


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