To know my Jesus

Are you past the point of weary?Is your burden weighing heavy?Is it all too much to carry?Let me tell you 'bout my JesusDo you feel that empty feeling?'Cause shame's done all its stealingAnd you're desperate for some healingLet me tell you 'bout my Jesus. -Anne Wilson We all come to a point when we are [...]

Are you hiding your “stamp?

What are the things that make us run and hide? Find the safest place we can find to sink into and escape from the chaos of the world? Or simply hide parts of ourselves? Shame? Yes. It can be shame. Even guilt. The first man and woman set the example of this type of hiding. [...]

You are making your comeback

Ever fallen? I have. I do. All.the.time. I’m clumsy, and manage to trip over my own two feet on surfaces most can easily glide over. My last tumble? Broke my wrist, required surgery with hardware, and months of physical therapy to use that much needed wrist and hand again. I’m not 100 percent. According to [...]

I quit…and it’s not what you think, I bet.

I’m quitting social media. Yep. Every single bit of it. For an indefinite amount of time. And here’s why: It’s a time sucker. While I’m standing over the stove cooking dinner, I’m scrolling. While I’m waiting in traffic, I’m scrolling. While I’m waiting in the doctors office, I’m scrolling. While I’m folding laundry, I’m checking [...]

Fix my thoughts

It woke me in the middle of the night. After several weeks of a sinking feeling. That feeling that even though you woke up feeling okay, something was "doomed" to happen. After several weeks of unstoppable bouts of crying. Of chest pains I attributed to a bronchial infection. Pain so bad in my abdomen woke [...]

The memory keeper

There is this mythical parenting truth when it comes to pictures. It has often been said that when your first born comes along, you snap away. Not wanting to miss a single moment. With others that follow. Not so much. I have scrapbook upon scrapbook of my oldest. Sports scrapbooks. Scrapbooks filled with field trip [...]

“Costumes” and a Little Boy’s Lesson on Self-Acceptance

After being asked this morning, “Where is your costume?” I can totally understand my son’s desire to simply be himself. Costumes are fun, but being who He has made me to be is so much better!

Straight Up: Messy Truth

“You are the light of the world-like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:13


“I am being nothing! I am dressing as Hunter!” “What about your shark mask?” I kindly plead with my four year old son. “No! Nothing! I am going as Hunter!”

That is right. Hunter is adamantly boycotting the custom of wearing a costume on Halloween. As a child with sensory processing issues, he often has a hard time relenting to our demands of wearing anything that buttons, anything that covers his face, or anything that requires tugging on, pulling on, or tying on! For the past few years he has managed to wear at least part of his costumes sans hat, crown, or whatever head or face adornment that came with the Halloween duds…but, not this year. This year, he is going to be Hunter.

“I don’t need to dress up to…

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Handing out Hearts

Accept what people offer. Drink their milkshakes. Take their love.
Wally Lamb, She’s Come Undone

I wrote this a few years ago, yet it is so relevant in these current days. Whether a milkshake, a pink Starburst, a snack, or a simple mint…when handed out with no other purpose but to simply show love, it can make all the difference.

Straight Up: Messy Truth

But I, the Lord, search all hearts and examine secret motives. Jeremiah 17:10


Love. That one word is important to most everyone. We all want to love, to be loved, to be shown love. And, oh…the pure bliss of hearing those three little words-I love you.

But, sometimes those words don’t come. Those three little words are not always easy to say, and my little monster continues to show me with his inability to use his own words-that love is not a word at all.

Love can be as simple as being handed a small pink Starburst.

See, my little monster is not the greatest with words. Well, actually, he is great with them, but only when it comes to sharks, Legos, or what is playing on Animal Planet. The words that require an expression of feeling or emotion don’t come so easy to him. No, sometimes when emotions take over he…

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His Will, Not Mine

This boy…the one this post was written about is 8 today. It was 8 years ago on Thanksgiving that we bought this guy home for the first time. And, I am ever so thankful, even through the pain and heartache, that God’s will is always better than mine.

Straight Up: Messy Truth

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him. Psalm 127:3


I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had just found out the news. I remember thinking to myself- How could this be? This was not part of the plan! This can’t be right! Two lines? Yep, there are definitely two of them-two VERY blue lines, in fact. My then 10 month old daughter was running in and out of the bathroom, and then it hit me. I’m pregnant! Again!

So, I did what any woman does who has waited for those blue lines to appear. I did what any woman does while waiting for a test to seal their fate. I did what any woman does when she finds out she is going to have a baby. You guessed it!

I sat on the bathroom floor-and cried!

I cried for the daughter I…

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